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BEST OF 2018

The year is going to end and, what can I say? What a year!

In 2018 I travelled a lot, worked together with many photographers that I love, in exclusive locations, like Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Villa La Vescogna, Isole Brissago, and more. I had the privilege to tell the stories of great loves and sweet soulmates, and once again I realized how lucky I am to do the job I love and that gives me the chance to express myself 100%.

2018 was definitely the year of the first time for me, and I can affirm this was a great year!
I have travelled a lot. And travelling I have learned a lot.
I’ve learned about myself. I’ve learned to be free. I’ve learned to stay strong. I’ve learned about my limits. I’ve braved many fears. I’ve learned to stand tall. I’ve learned that connection is everything. I’ve found my place in the world, finally. I‘ve given so much. I’ve worked so hard. I’ve taken the leap. I’ve waited. I’ve struggled. I’ve learned to be patient. I’ve loved. I’ve not given in to shortcuts. I’ve learned to be kind.
I’ve fought through so many things, and I have never given up.
And, when the night was too long I’ve held onto the light.

Although this year has been very hard and tiring, I have arrived at the end of the year full of new projects that I can’t wait to achieve. The new year that awaits me will be a year of change, and I can’t wait to get involved and give once again 100% of myself to be able to realize all my dreams.

I feel lucky and I close this year full of gratitude to all the amazing souls I had the pleasure to meet during this year and who have supported, endured, helped in every possible way, have been close even if we were far away. THANK YOU, I’m full of hope towards the future.

And now I can’t wait to see what this 2019 will give to me. As a destination wedding photographer, I love capturing romantic, adventurous and intimate weddings so if you’re considering me as your destination wedding photographer, do connect. I’ll be eager to hear from you if you’d like to converse about your wedding or check my availability for your date and location. Do get in touch!

This year instead of a long post I decided to create a small video with all my favourite pictures of 2018, in random order, of course.
Enjoy and please leave a comment!


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