Getting married in Italy

Getting Married in Italy

Why get married in Italy? Italy is an ideal wedding destination. The culture and history surrounding you are enriching. The scenery is breath-taking an the atmosphere is cheerful and friendly. The food is exquisite. Getting married in Italy is simply memorable. As a romantic and passionate country with an irresistible thirst for life, Italy has hosted so many weddings over the years. Dozens of celebrities, politicians and royals have wedded in Italy.

Popular Locations and Venues in Italy for Weddings

In Italy, you can get hitched on a beach, in a vineyard, on top of a mountain, in an ancient ruin; on a balcony that overlooks the lake or the sea, the list is endless. Here are the top venues and locations to get married in Italy: Tuscany – Tuscany boasts it all: vineyards, rolling hills, medieval villages, towns rich in history, castles and fortification systems, rural churches and charming abbeys, such as Sant’Antimo, are present throughout the territory and their profiles stand out in the landscapes of the Crete Senesi, Val d’Orcia, of Garfagnana, Chianti and Maremma. One of the most evocative places to get married is definitely San Galgano. Amalfi Coast – Even with its fabled coastline, Amalfi is simply amazing for getting married. If Picturesque clifftop towns are not your thing, you can take your party to the nearby Capri Island. The area is surely a magnet for celebrity weddings. Venice – one of the most evocative places in the world, Venice stands out as one of the most popular wedding spots in Italy because of its winding canals. Elegant, precious, inimitable, fun, romantic: this is Venice, the gem of the Italian tourist scene where churches, palaces, ancient bridges, monuments and squares recount the artistic and cultural vivacity that has marked and still marks the history of this city. The heart of Venice is the splendid Piazza San Marco, the most elegant living room in Europe. It’s a wonderful city, unique and picturesque. You can’t resist, Venice is pure magic. Lake Como – Lake Como is home to a villa owned by the renowned actor, George Clooney. Whether you are into some Hollywood star-gazing or are the romantic kind, Lake Como is your ideal wedding destination. All the places facing the lake are ideal places to get married. Get hitched along or on arguably the most stunning lake in the country. Rome – Rome offers you the opportunity to take your big day’s photo in front of the world’s most famous monuments. How about you throw a coin in Trevi Fountain for good measure! It is no wonder that the Eternal City stands out as the second popular city in the country to get hitched. And, you know, the Colosseum! Apulia– Apulia’s southern region is an incredible place to get married. Stunning attractions in Apulia are Trulli houses (conventional Apulian houses that are made of some dry stone with conical roof). The air is sparkling and smelling of the sea, the earth is so red and the olive trees are green and scented. Apulia is absolutely amazing. Verona – Verona is another perfect town for lovers. The sumptuous villas and the imposing castles that meet along the shores of Lake Garda, where Villa Albertini is located one of the most sumptuous medieval houses surrounded by a large park with tree-lined avenues, waterfalls, fountains and caves, or in the Verona plain, rich of testimonies of the Scaligeri age as the castles of Bevilacqua and Villafranca just to name a few, and in the Valpolicella with its Palladian villas. Celebrate your endless love on the popular Balcony of Romeo & Juliet. Umbria – it’s also called “the green heart of Italy”; it’s known for its medieval hilltop towns, dense forests and tasty cuisine, especially truffles and wine. The wedding destination is cozy and private. It has stunning, soft rolling hills. Umbria is the ideal destination for an eco-friendly, organic and wealthy wedding. Sicily – one of the pearls of southern Italy, to be discovered, known and experienced, between nature, history and tradition. In this land, the Mediterranean offers scenarios, aromas and flavours so unique and intense that only an uncontaminated nature can give. Just think of the islands that surround Sicily: Aeolian, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria and Ustica: so similar for the beauty of their territory and so peculiar for nature, tradition, art and history. And let’s not forget the magnificent volcanoes, some of which have never been dormant like Etna and Stromboli. The exuberance and warmth of this land also season the good Sicilian cuisine, which with its specialities tells us about the passion and care that its people have in regard to good food and genuine flavours.

Why Italy Is a Popular Wedding Destination

What makes such vast numbers of couples select Italy as a wedding destination? Here are the top six reasons that make this country a darling for many couples:

1. Italy boasts an array of favorable settings for weddings. They include:

  • Picturesque villages
  • Breathtaking coastlines
  • Romantic lakes districts
  • Lovely countryside
  • Amazing cities

2. Beautiful venues, Italy has countless options such as

  • Typical restaurants
  • Lovely farmhouses
  • Family run hotels
  • Luxury hotels
  • Historical villas
  • Ancient castles

3. Italy takes pride in its magnificent food and wine renowned across the world 4. Generally, the Italian ‘atmosphere’ is not only relaxing but also elegant. 5. The country’s mild weather is perfect for organizing weddings outdoor. 6. Italy wedding photographers and wedding planners are among the best in the world.  

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