Hi there, I’m Lisa. Storyteller, wanderlust, inveterate dreamer and incurable romantic.

I’m a fine art destination wedding photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland, but available in Europe and worldwide to photograph you love.

I love intensely and live passionately.

I draw my inspiration from art, movies, music and nature around me. I love art, painting and sculpture above all (Monet, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Caravaggio are my favourites), Tarantino’s and Wes Anderson’s movies, Ennio Morricone, Mumford & Sons, Sigur Rós, Of monster and men and much more. 

I’m obsessed with orchids and succulents, I would like to fill my house with them. For so long time I was looking for my place in the world, and finally, I found it. So in 2019 I moved to Iceland. Best decision of my life.

I believe in remembering the best parts of life.

My photography style is spontaneous, romantic and elegant, I enjoy living life through experiences.


I am a curious person and passionate about details. I LOVE my wonderful daughter Viola – the real love of my life -,  chocolate and cats, sincere hugs and smiles, long messy hair, walking barefoot, on the road trips, meeting new people and cultures, spicy food, hiking and watching the world from above, Iceland, snorkeling, listening to good music, watching the sunrise, reading a book, the smell of the sea, ice cream and pizza, film cameras & Polaroid.

I’m in love with light. I walk through the world photographing its beauty with my own eyes. I believe in the power of pictures and I love preserving memories through photographs. I dream of travelling around the world, even if it will take more than 80 days.

ieland destination wedding photographer

Travel Bucket List

I love traveling around the world! It’s one of the reasons I chose wedding photography as my dream job. Here you can find my travel bucket list with all the places I dream of discovering. If you are planning your intimate wedding, elopement or destination wedding in one of those places, I will apply to you a discount. For the love of travel and discovering new places and cultures, you know.

in random order


Cappadocia, Turkey
New Zealand
Costa Rica
Marrakesh, Morocco
South Africa
Grand Canyon, USA
Joshua Tree, USA
Rainbow Mountains, Peru

Are you getting married here or anywhere else? Shoot me a message and change my life!