A day at the Aquarium
Underwater photography

Personal obsession: underwater photography.

One of my greatest passions, beyond photography, is the diving: snorkelling on the water, watch the life below the sea level, and of course photograph. It ‘something that has always fascinated me so much and that much influence my choice of holiday destination. Many years ago I was lucky enough to go on vacation in Egypt and being able to swim with dolphins and dugongs, or the manatee, in one of the few sites in the world where he lives, Marsa Alam. An unforgettable experience.

But when I have the time to travel and I miss all those wonderful colours I make a jump to the aquarium in Genoa. Obviously equipped with the camera!

What better time to take pictures of fish moving through a 10 cm glass that distorts everything to sharpen the eye and the mind? In the end, even this is reportage! Being able to capture a perfect focus fish is really hard!

These photos are a summary of the last time I was there.


2016-02-17_0001 underwater photography 2016-02-17_0004 2016-02-17_0005 2016-02-17_00072016-02-17_00082016-02-17_0009 2016-02-17_00112016-02-17_0006 2016-02-17_0012 2016-02-17_0013 2016-02-17_0014 2016-02-17_0015 2016-02-17_0016 2016-02-17_0018 2016-02-17_0019 2016-02-17_0020 2016-02-17_0021 2016-02-17_0022 2016-02-17_0023 2016-02-17_0024 2016-02-17_0025 2016-02-17_0026 2016-02-17_0027 2016-02-17_0028 2016-02-17_0029 2016-02-17_0030 2016-02-17_0031 2016-02-17_0033 2016-02-17_0034 2016-02-17_0035 2016-02-17_0036 2016-02-17_0037 2016-02-17_0038 2016-02-17_0040 2016-02-17_00432016-02-17_0041 2016-02-17_00422016-02-17_00452016-02-17_00442016-02-17_0046 2016-02-17_0047 fotografia subacquea


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